The Garden metaphor

Based on the philosophical considerations of pragmatism and phenomenology, as worked out in the other subsections, one has to conclude that the age of large structured philosophical systems like neo-Kantianism and the concepts of Hegel, could not bring what was expected at that time.

The garden metaphor used in this site name as based on the typical characteristics of garden culture:

A garden is a unique implementation of concepts, ideas and items, brought together by the designer/owner. Although the combination is unique, the concepts, ideas and items come from various sources, collected over time from literature, visiting other gardens and acquiring items many times offered freely as seedlings and cuttings by fellow gardeners.

Gardens typically are characterized by a good amount of dynamics (I exclude the structured formal French gardens) They require pruning, seeding of new plants, reorganizing when some plants grow faster, while others need more attention. The web technology as used here offers the right environment to maintain the dynamics of a philosophy garden.  

Hence enjoy browsing through my philosophy garden, take whatever you like, a reference to the source would be appreciated.

Philosophygarden        of Hans Tromp