The Basic Concept sections reflect my analyses on the basic philosophical domains as a base for some more practical analyses. These reflections sometimes relate to some more in depth analyses as these are worked out in more specific sections under Philosophy of_ _ _.

Although the main basic elements of philosophical analyses: Knowledge & Action, Society & Culture, Ethics & Judgement, Communication & Language considered here seperated in more detail, the domains of these elements are strongly interrelated.

In a way Language could be considered as the basis as (almost) all philosophy is language based. But at the same time language is an empty toolbox. Language is used to facilitate and communicate factual, conceptual meaning. Meaning is not language, handling of meaning is a cognitve capability.

Factual meaning relates to knowledge of the world, reflexions on such knowledge in general is the area of epistemology, more specific topics are found in philosophy of science and action.

Conceptual meaning is found  in reflexions on human being and society. These reflexions are strongly related with ethics. Ethics on its turn is related to judgement and the concepts of freedom while these two also belong in the domain of cognition and action.




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